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Our church offers “Spiritual Skills for a Better Life”


To acknowledge people of all faiths, offering love, inspiration, education, healing, spirit guidance, peace and joy……promoting development of Spiritual Skills for a Better Life.


Several of the specific PURPOSES of our organization include:

To worship God and promote the teachings of the Scriptures by the dissemination of metaphysical truths as given by the life, teachings and demonstrations of the Master Jesus.

To offer classes, workshops, publications and other materials to Members and the public which reinforce and promote the philosophy of Christian Metaphysics.


We are a healing and teaching center, and our church staff members are dedicated to providing education and tools for individual spiritual development, for those with the desire to do so.  Please refer to our calendar of events and contact us at 941-266-8435 for more information.


On a regular basis, our church (CMF) offers classes in a wide range of subjects of interest to the metaphysical community.   The classes and services conducted by CMF focus on the philosophy of right living, the spiritual laws and personal development.   Titles, dates and descriptions of the CMF classes can be found in the EVENTS portion and the CALENDAR portion of this website.

Acting Pastor Rev.Tom 'TR' Courtney

The CMF Membership elected Rev. Tom “TR” Courtney to serve as ACTING CMF PASTOR for the 2023-24 fiscal year, while the Ecclesiastical Committee and Directors work to locate candidates, and hopefully qualify one of those for the CMF PASTOR position.

Rev. Tom “TR” Courtney co-founded the Christian Metaphysical Fellowship, Inc. (doing business as the Center for Metaphysical Fellowship) with wife Eileen Flexer Courtney in October 2003.  Rev. TR and Eileen are life-long Metaphysicians, both growing up in a metaphysical church in Sarasota founded by Eileen’s parents.  Rev. TR holds CMF certifications as a Spiritual Healer, and as an Associate Minister. He has served the organization continuously in all aspects of the ecclesiastical and business operations, since its incorporation in 2003. Rev. TR also serves as CMF Board President.

Committee Chairpersons 2023 - 2024

Prayer Outreach Program - Julie Bifano

Education & Ecclesiastical Committee - Rev. Tom "TR" Courtney

Publication Committee - Eileen Courtney

Fundraising & Facebook - Colleen Panebianco

Website Maintenance & Print Ads - Rev. Tom "TR" Courtney

Class Arrangements - Susan Houliston

Library - Julie Bifano

Worship Service Greeter - Sally Barrows (Primary)

Certificate Holders 2023 - 2024

Sally Barrows - Healer & Spirit Medium

Julie Bifano - Healer & Spiritual Intuitive

Jo Binette - Healer

Cheryl Buchanan - Healer & Spirit Medium

JoAnn Cooke - Healer

Eileen Courtney - Healer

Rev. Tom "TR" Courtney - Healer & Assoc. Minister

Caroline Crawford - Healer & Spirit Medium

Paul Crawford - Healer

Rosalana Gallo - Healer & Spiritual Intuitive

Irene Hayden - Healer

Susan Houliston - Healer & Spirit Medium

Patricia Kennedy - Healer & Spirit Medium

Harriet Loftus  - Healer

Joanne McLaren - Healer

AnneMarie Martins - Healer

Karin Strauss - Healer & Spirit Medium

Board Of Directors 2023 - 2024

President - Rev. Tom "TR" Courtney

Vice President - Julie Bifano

Secretary - Eileen Courtney

Treasurer - Lannie Gallo

Director - Sally Barrows

Director - Paul Crawford

Director - Colleen Panebianco

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