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Allow the Light of Creation To Shine In Your Life

Associate Minister Consecration Ceremony

On April 7, sponsors Caroline Crawford and Lannie Gallo (L to R)  supported  candidate Julie Bifano, and  Pastor Rev. Tom "TR" officiated for the recognition of Julie's noteworthy achievement. 

Julie AM cert_1edited.jpg
Julie AM_2edited.jpg

Sunday Worship Has Resumed

    As the search continues for a new church "home" to lease, with input from CMF Members & Friends arrangements have been made to conduct 10:30am Sunday Worship Services once again at the TWIN LAKES PARK Conference Room on the 1st and 3rd Sunday each month.  Our first service back was on March 3rd and as shown here, with many happy participants.  Paul Crawford provided the inspirational talk and Pastor Rev. Tom "TR" Courtney served as the MC.

Installation of Directors

2023-24 Church Board

At the 20th Anniversary Worship Service on October 8th , the Board Members elected at the ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING held on October 7th were installed for the new fiscal year.

Pictured here (left to right) are: Rev. Tom Courtney, Julie Bifano, Eileen CourtneyLannie Gallo, Sally Barrows, Colleen Panebianco and Paul Crawford.

23_24 Directors.JPG

Four newly certified Spiritual Healers

Two ceremonies were held in July, on the 16th and 23rd, to recognize the individuals accomplishing the training and practice necessary to qualify for receiving a CMF Spiritual Healer Certificate.
Photo 1. (L to R) Irene Hayden, Joanne McLaren,
JoAnn Cooke  and Pastor Tom Courtney
Photo 2. AnnMarie Martins and Pastor Tom Courtney
JoAnnJoanneIrene SH edit.jpg
AnneMarie SH edit.jpg

Recent New Members

(Left to Right / Top to Bottom)

Barbara Doty Oct. 9, 2022

AnneMarie Martins Dec. 4, 2022

JoAnn Cooke Dec. 4, 2022

Joanne McLaren July 2, 2023

AnneMarie JoAnn.JPG
Joann McLaren.jpg


Cheryl Buchanan and Patricia Kennedy completed the final 18 months of the 2-part 24 month total CMF training program curriculum that included reading, lectures and significant internship sessions to develop their natural gifts. 

At the June 5th Worship Service they were presented certificates documenting their CMF qualifications as SPIRIT MEDIUMS.

Pictured here (right to left) are the two proud grads Cheryl and Patti, and proud instructor International Medium Caroline Crawford.  Assoc. Minister/Acting Pastor Rev. Tom Courtney made the presentations

22_SMcerts_b (2).jpg


With the next day being VALENTINE'S DAY, the congregation was treated to a sermon on love by Jo Binette, and a duet on the topic by our talented musicians MK Mueller and Greg Martins.

Caroling at Brookdale ALF

December 11, 2021

Christmas Worship Service

December 19, 2021

Holiday Luncheon

Held after the December 19 service.

Burning Bowl Ceremony

January 2, 2022



Roxanne Holahan joined our fellowship November 21 and was welcomed enthusiastically by other members of the congregation.


In a ceremony at the Sunday Worship Service this day, Acting Pastor Rev. Tom Courtney was most pleased to admit Dave and Suzann Pursell and Reverend Diana Mier into the membership of our fellowship. Members of the congregation sang a verse of "Blest Be The Tie That Binds" and welcomed them personally, following the service. 


Installation of Directors

2021-22 Church Board

At the October 10th Worship Service, the Board Members elected at the 18th ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING held on October 9th were installed for the new fiscal year.

Pictured here (left to right) are: Colleen Panebianco, Susan Houliston, Lannie Gallo, Rev. Tom Courtney, Eileen Courtney and Julie Bifano. Board Member Paul Crawford was unavailable for the photo.


At the Sunday Worship Service on Mother's Day, church Member Jo Binette was presented her certification as a SPIRITUAL HEALER with considerable pleasure by Assoc. Minister and Acting Pastor Rev. Tom "TR" Courtney.  Jo successfully completed the CMF Spiritual Healing Skills Course and fulfilled an internship and other requirements.

Many of our Members, loved ones of Members and even more non-Members, benefit regularly from the healing services provided at our Sunday services given by several of the numerous certified healers within our Fellowship.  We also conduct a very active and helpful weekly Prayer Outreach Program available to all making a request.

21_May SI certs.jpg


The four graduates of our organization's SPIRITUAL INTUITIVE course recently completed their internships of communicating messages from Spirit to attendees at church services and galleries and were presented their certification papers at the May 2nd worship service. Their Course Instructor, Medium Caroline Crawford (center) stands proudly here with the grads (pictured left to right) Lannie Gallo, Julie Bifano, Cheryl Buchanan and Patricia Kennedy. 



With the generosity of many in our fellowship, the sanctuary was decorated with Easter lilies this morning .  The service included a candle lighting ceremony and traditional hymns used for the occasion.  As always, an inspirational talk, healing and messages from spirit completed the service, conducted this day by Lannie Gallo and Rev. TR Courtney.


New Certified Spiritual Healers Jan. 31

Cheryl Buchanan, Caroline and Paul Crawford recently completed their internship that followed the February 2020 graduation from the Spiritual Healing Skills Course, and were presented their certification papers at the morning worship service. It was with great pleasure that Acting Pastor, Rev Tom/TR Courtney made the presentations.


Recent graduates of the CMF Spiritual Intuitive Development Course were recognized at the Dec. 20 CHRISTMAS Worship Service.  Receiving Certificates of Achievement from Instructor Caroline Crawford (in center), were the grads (left to right) Julie Bifano, Cheryl Buchanan, Lannie Gallo and Patricia Kennedy.  They each will soon complete their internship of delivering messages in public settings to become certified as SPIRITUAL INTUITIVE message bearers.


Installation of the 2020-2021 Board Members

The Directors selected Oct. 10th at the annual membership meeting to serve on the church Board from Oct 2020 through Sep 2021 were installed during the worship service on Oct 25th.  Shown here as a chorus line (from L to R), each wearing fashionable masks are: Rev. Tom Courtney, Eileen Courtney, Lannie Gallo, Susan Houliston, Julie Bifano, Colleen Panebianco and Paul Crawford.  Just because we must operate in a different manner in this time of COVID-19, doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun while operating safely.


Special Music at Oct. 25th Service

Bill Smiech treated the congregation to special music (The Rising), AND the inspirational talk at the worship service on this day.

Thank you Billy…..

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